“Touching Hydrogen Future” Physical Book in World Hydrogen Congress 2023

1,000 physical copies of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future’ were placed into the hands of delegates who attended the ‘World Hydrogen Congress, 2023’ allowing them to personally engage with the diverse perspectives on where and how the hydrogen future will unfold across the globe in the upcoming decades, particularly in the 2030s and 2040s.

“Touching Hydrogen Future” 2nd edition Book Launch Webinar

To celebrate the launch of the 2nd Edition of the Touching Hydrogen Future Book we are pleased to invite you to a 60 minute webinar with some of the esteemed expert chapter authors. The Webinar will journey across the World from China to Kazakhstan, Norway, Sweden and finally the USA.

Expanding Horizons: Introducing the new Edition of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future’ with 10 new countries

In the ever-evolving landscape of hydrogen innovation, the quest for knowledge knows no boundaries. We are excited to present the new edition of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future: Tour around the Globe,’ a remarkable book that takes readers on a captivating journey into a world shaped by hydrogen. In this updated edition, we are proud to introduce 10 new countries – Belgium, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, Nigeria, Egypt, Kazakhstan, India, Korea, and Singapore – to the existing 26 countries, enriching the narrative and broadening the global perspective.

Wrapping up 2022 and setting ambitions for 2023

If 2021 was a defining year for the hydrogen sector, 2022 was ‘the accelerator’: By August 2022, 27 countries had already adopted national hydrogen policy/strategy documents, with another 31 at different stages of preparation; More than 650 large-scale hydrogen proposals were put forward – an investment increase of 50% since November 2021.

European Hydrogen Week 2022 – Official side Event on 28th October 2022

Join us on 28th October to debate, think and get curious about the future ahead of us, the opportunities and challenges associated with it and how we can build it together. This is a chance to start a conversation that could end up being the next big project in the industry!

This is an official side event the of European Hydrogen Week 2022.

Launch Webinars with World Hydrogen Leaders

On the 5th and 6th of April we discussed the state of the hydrogen market from US, China, Europe to Japan, and the launch of the book.

“How to touch hydrogen future” webinar as part of Hydrogen Online Workshop

What would a Hydrogen-powered future look like? Get an overview of the future H2 market across the globe as well as insights into how to build a Hydrogen economy, including enablers and missing links.

Book Launch Webinar with Energy Post

Energy writers from around the globe have joined forces to share their vision and knowledge about how hydrogen could change our lives. On Wednesday 16th February the book’s creators, editors and some of the co-authors met at the launch webinar proudly hosted by Energy Post, the official media partner.