Expanding Horizons: Introducing the new Edition of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future’ with 10 new countries

In the ever-evolving landscape of hydrogen innovation, the quest for knowledge knows no boundaries. We are excited to present the new edition of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future: Tour around the Globe,’ a remarkable book that takes readers on a captivating journey into a world shaped by hydrogen. In this updated edition, we are proud to introduce 10 new countries – Belgium, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, Nigeria, Egypt, Kazakhstan, India, Korea, and Singapore – to the existing 26 countries, enriching the narrative and broadening the global perspective.

New Perspectives, Diverse Opportunities

The addition of these 10 new countries brings an exciting infusion of perspectives and opportunities to ‘Touching Hydrogen Future.’ Each country contributes a unique chapter, illuminating how hydrogen is transforming (or not) their respective energy landscapes, economies, and sustainable development strategies. From Belgium’s pioneering hydrogen infrastructure to India’s ambitious hydrogen roadmap, from Norway’s advancements in maritime and transportation to Brazil’s vast potential for renewable hydrogen production, these new chapters deepen our understanding of hydrogen’s global impact.

Inspiring Collaborations and Knowledge Exchange

The new edition of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future’ reaffirms its commitment to collaboration and knowledge exchange. By including insights from these 10 new countries, the book fosters a global conversation among hydrogen enthusiasts, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders. The collective wisdom gathered from this diverse array of countries highlights the immense potential for cross-border partnerships, technological advancements, and policy frameworks that accelerate the hydrogen transition.

Accessible and Impactful

As with the first edition, this new edition of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future’ remains accessible to all for free. We firmly believe that knowledge should be freely shared to empower and inspire individuals from all walks of life. By providing free access to this invaluable resource, we aim to cultivate a broader understanding of hydrogen’s potential and encourage readers to actively participate in shaping a sustainable future.

Thhis new edition of ‘Touching Hydrogen Future: Tour around the Globe’ embarks on a new chapter of exploration, expanding its horizons to encompass the dynamic landscapes of 10 additional countries. By showcasing the innovative strides made by Belgium, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, Nigeria, Egypt, Kazakhstan, India, Korea, and Singapore, this book presents an enriched tapestry of hydrogen possibilities. Join us on this global journey of discovery, download the enhanced edition for free, and together let’s forge a future where hydrogen transforms the world.

Thank you to our new co-authors: