“Touching Hydrogen Future”
Book Launch Webinar
Wednesday 16th February, 09.00 CET

Energy writers from around the globe have joined forces to share their vision and knowledge about how hydrogen could change our lives. The book is free and available to download. On Wednesday 16th February the book’s creators, editors and some of the co-authors met at the launch webinar proudly hosted by Energy Post, the official media partner.

Under the mantra ‘Imagining the future is delivering it’, 28 people from around the globe, from hydrogen passionados (enthusiasts) to energy realists, have contributed to ‘Touching Hydrogen Future: Tour around the globe’. By painting a vivid, global picture their aim is to let you reach out and ‘touch’ – to get a real sense of how hydrogen will change the energy landscape of the future.

Starting in the Netherlands, the book’s ‘hydrogen tour’ covers countries across six continents with insights from experts from every corner of the globe in a Jules Verne style odyssey.

“Almost 150 years after Jules Verne first envisaged a world powered by hydrogen, we can map out the changes it will enable within our lifetimes. Through the eyes of today’s energy leaders, we paint a picture of a transformed world powered by hydrogen alongside other energy transition vectors, and invite you to join us in building it.”
– Erik Rakhou

The book has been written to educate and inspire the next generation to embrace and help develop hydrogen technology. It contains a series of short stories about a hypothetical future where hydrogen is the norm. While it is pitched at energy professionals and students with an interest in energy and sustainability, it will be freely available for all from 14th February, allowing readers from any background to access its insights.

Launch Webinar Programme:

  • Welcome – Energy Post (official media partner)
  • Moderator introduction – Erik Rakhou (creator and editor “Touching Hydrogen Future”)
  • Rosa Puentes (co-editor)
  • Panel opening remarks from co-authors
  • Q&A

Recording available here

Energy Post is delighted to be the official media partner of this brilliant initiative.