“Touching Hydrogen Future – What would a Hydrogen-powered future look like?”

European Hydrogen Week 2022 – Official side Event


What could a Hydrogen-powered future look like?

Get an overview of the future H2 market across the globe as well as insights into how to build a Hydrogen economy, including enablers and missing links.

Under the mantra ‘Imagining the future is delivering it’, 28 people from around the globe, from hydrogen apassionados to energy realists, have contributed to ‘Touching Hydrogen Future: Tour around the globe’. By painting a vivid, global picture their aim is to let you reach out and ‘touch’ – to get a real sense of how hydrogen will change the energy landscape!

Each of the book’s 27 chapters focuses on a specific country, providing a snapshot of a hydrogen-powered life over the next twenty years. Starting in the Netherlands, the book’s global ‘hydrogen tour’ covers countries across six continents, with insights from experts from every corner of the world in a Jules Verne style odyssey.

The accounts the book provides are imagined, but the hydrogen technologies they reference are based on existing hydrogen projects and strategies. Hydrogen powered flights, shipping, road vehicles and factories are envisaged across the world, playing their role in fighting climate change. Hydrogen, as a decisive decarbonisation tool, contributes materially to reducing the total carbon footprint of the 27 countries covered by the book, which together account for 66% of global emissions (2020 data).

In this webinar we will dive into how a hydrogen-powered future might look in Europe and its close neighbours (The Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine and Morocco).

Join us to debate, think and get curious about the future ahead of us, the opportunities and challenges associated with it and how we can build it together. This is a chance to start a conversation that could end up being the next big project in the industry!

This event is part of European Hydrogen Week 2022

Speakers Erik Rakhou, Energy and EU Regulation Policies expert, initiator, author and co-editor of “ Touching H2 future”

Lavinia Tanase, co-author of “Touching H2 future” and EU energy law & regulation

Sigrid Colnerud, co-author of “Touching H2 future” and Government Office, Ministry of Infrastructure in Sweden

Nesma Aboshanab, co-author of “Touching H2 future”

Andrey Bondar, co-author of “Touching H2 future” and Innovation manager at DTEK

Moderator Rosa Puentes Fernández, Hydrogen & new energies specialist. Co-author and co-editor of “ Touching H2 future”

Energy Post is delighted to be the official media partner of this brilliant initiative. We look forward to seeing you online this coming
28th October at 10:00 CET